Hints & Tips

Hints and tips for your trip

FOLLOW this advice and you will have a holiday you will always remember!!
IGNORE it and you will have a holiday you will never forget!!

Prague is a beautiful, violence free and absolutely safe city. However, like most big cities, it has a small minority of people who prey on unsuspecting tourists. Don’t be a victim!

  1. Don’t change your money on the streets, it’s dangerous, it’s illegal, it’s dud money. Don’t do it!!
  2. Always agree a price before you get into any taxi (normal fare is 200 to 250 Czech Crowns around the city and approx. 600 to the airport). Never accept the answer “the fare is according to the meter”. Make a price!! We are happy to call a normal cab for you. Never take a taxi parked outside this bar!!
  3. No, the metro and trams are not free. Tickets are sold at all newspaper stands. A ticket is not valid unless it is franked in a yellow box at the entrance to metro or on board the tram. Buy a one, two or three day pass (they are very cheap and save you from a costly “Tourist” fine.
  4. Prague, like most European cities has pickpockets, mostly girls working with minders. Never leave your bags unattended or coats with wallets on the back of your chair. Danger spots are Prague castle, Old town square, Wenceslas square, trams and metros and busy bars etc. Be vigilant!!
  5. All public noise is forbidden by law in Prague. This includes singing, or any excessive noise on the street. If noise persists someone may call the police. It’s a law!!
  6. Vandalism, loud, aggressive or threatening behaviour is a very bad idea. Czech police take a very serious view of this and they are not famous for their sense of humour!!
  7. Pedestrian crossings.... Treat “Zebra” crossings only as recommended places to cross the street. Officially trams have right of way, the pedestrians, then cars, but a lot of drivers tend to ignore this rule!!
  8. Changing money: be very careful at all change Office, What you see is not what you get. They only advertise the rate that they sell pounds or Euros for! Always ask what you will receive before handing over your money. It’s safer!! If you don't feel comfortable using czech money - most of the places in city centre accept euros, but please ask about the rates in advance, because the difference with official rate can be almost double.
  9. Czech banknotes look very like several other currencies, we would recommend you to check your change to make sure you have received czech notes and haven't ended up with "Monopoly money"